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Blamey - "Touchin' The Moon"

Blamey, a rising alternative R&B artist hailing from Melbourne, VIC, has released a new track titled "Touchin' The Moon." The song is a funky, upbeat tune that blends elements of disco and soul to create a fresh, modern sound.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary artists such as Anderson Paak and Human Bloom, Blamey's "Touchin' The Moon" features infectious grooves, silky smooth vocals, and a catchy hook that's sure to get listeners moving. The track is an ode to the disco and soul resurgence in contemporary music, while also showcasing Blamey's unique style and perspective.

Despite the upbeat, energetic nature of the song, "Touchin' The Moon" was written as the antithesis to the emotions and rawness in the EP it will take part of. Blamey's ability to balance a lighthearted, funky vibe with deeper emotions and themes is a testament to her songwriting skills and artistry.

As an emerging artist, Blamey's fresh sound and unique blend of genres are sure to make waves in the Australian music scene and beyond. With "Touchin' The Moon," she has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with, showcasing a dynamic range of moods and emotions that are sure to resonate with listeners. Energetic, happy, and romantic, this track is a must-listen for anyone looking for a fresh take on alternative R&B.


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