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Blake Harley - "Linger On"

Welcoming Blake Harley with "Linger On," a synthwave masterpiece that navigates the depths of gothic and dark wave influences. Drawing parallels with artists like Boy Harsher, Lebanon Hanover, Christine and the Queens, The Cure, and Molchat Doma, Blake Harley's idiosyncratic approach to dark wave is a compelling fusion of stark Berlin industrial sounds and UK-goth attitude. The ethereal quality of "Linger On" is enhanced by the vocals, which are drenched in reverb, adding a layer of otherworldliness to the entire composition. The juxtaposition of the faster-paced instrumental and the ethereal vocals creates a dynamic tension that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. The synthwave elements are brought to the forefront, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a secret bunker rave where emotions are laid bare on the dance floor. The instrumental foundation is a driving force, with a faster-paced rhythm that feels like floating on a cloud while being immersed in a pulsating electronic dreamscape. Listen below now!


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