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Blaackole Hits A Core With "My Demon Saying Me To End My Life, Should I?"

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Introducing Blaackole, for this particiclaur single, Blaackole dreamt of being an artist since childhood but couldn't take any step due to lot of reasons and was born in a less fortunate family. In 2020 the artist had to runaway from an abusive stepdad and went to college then dropped out and now after gaining knowledge about music, mixing and mastering. He then started making music about what he was going through like Homelessness, anxiety, depression, loneliness and being strong going through all these things. We believe Blaackole have lot things to say, You all can hear it in the music. Blaackole tells us "Anger, sadness, loneliness and lot of emotions I have will be giving out through my music cuz no one there's to listen and I feel free when I give it out through music and it's like self therapy for me. Maybe You Can Relate to it too." This is defintely a singer for the enjoyers of Yung Lean, and Bones we think. Take a listen below to see what we mean.


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