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Big O - “Memory Bank”

Today, musician Big O announces the release of his debut single "Memory Bank" via Wavee Sound Records. The track is an uptempo lo-fi beat with a carefree and positive vibe.

Big O, also known as Orlando Turner, is an American hip hop record producer, recording and mixing engineer, and DJ based in London, UK. He began making beats at the age of 13 and has been creating music ever since. With a background in live audio, Big O has worked with a range of artists including L.O.U., P-Rawb, Skyzoo, and Bizarre Ride.

"Memory Bank" showcases Big O's smooth, soulful, and experimental production style, featuring various samples, original keys, and synths. The track starts off with a gloomy piano, backed by a deep bass guitar, synth keys, and funky hip hop drums. As the song progresses, its clever arrangement reveals more and more details, creating an engaging listening experience.

Give "Memory Bank" a listen and let yourself be drawn into Big O's unique musical world. Keep an eye out for more from this exciting artist in the future.


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