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Big Blue Bazooka - "I Wish Tomorrow Would Never Come"

Prepare to be taken on a sonic journey with Big Blue Bazooka's instrumental track, "I Wish Tomorrow Would Never Come." Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Nick Kempson, the DIY musician behind Big Blue Bazooka, introduces us to a unique blend of Synthpop and Electro.

The mood of this track is a fascinating blend of moody and energetic. It's a musical exploration that defies easy categorization, much like the artist himself. Nick Kempson's musical journey began with a bass guitar, and from there, he embarked on a creative expedition that has led to the creation of this captivating instrumental.

"I Wish Tomorrow Would Never Come" is characterized by its bright instrumentation, featuring live drum sounds that add a tangible, human touch to the music. What sets this track apart is the incorporation of synths, which give it a distinct vibe reminiscent of Mac DeMarco's signature sound.

In an era where music often conforms to predictable formulas, Big Blue Bazooka offers a refreshing departure from the norm. This instrumental is an invitation to explore uncharted musical territory, where moody undertones meet bursts of energy, and where the artist's DIY spirit shines through every note.

So, if you're in the mood for a musical experience that's equal parts moody and energetic, give "I Wish Tomorrow Would Never Come" by Big Blue Bazooka a listen. It's a testament to the boundless creativity that DIY musicians like Nick Kempson bring to the world of music.


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