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Big Belly Baus - "Witches and Warlocks"

Introducing Big Belly Baus with his latest instrumental track "Witches and Warlocks," a compelling piece in the world of Experimental Electronic music. This track, infused with elements of Electronicore, is a perfect example of Big Belly Baus's ability to create dark and aggressive sounds that are ideal for the rave scene. "Witches and Warlocks" features electronic synths that are both intense and exhilarating, creating an atmosphere that's not just heard, but felt. The track's aggressive nature makes it a perfect fit for high-energy environments where the vibe is key to an unforgettable party experience. Big Belly Baus, a Canadian-based DJ and producer, is known for his expertise in igniting dancefloors and creating memorable party moments. His years of experience behind the decks and on stage are evident in this track. With a style focused on getting people moving from dusk to dawn, Big Belly Baus curates a selection of mainstage anthems and club bangers, all while crafting a signature sound that stands out in the EDM landscape. Listen now.


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