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BexyLand Introducing Her Futuristic Track "Spacetime"

Bexyland is an upcoming singer/songwriter/instrumentalist born in Manila, Philippines but immigrated to Toronto, Canada at 6 years old. With an Asian upbringing, Bexyland was inspired by Japan’s innovative, futuristic, and anime culture that it has manifested into her art. Her music will have you feeling nostalgic, yet brand new at the same time. She is the tension between the familiar and the unknown. Which leads room for epic discoveries, yet feeling serene in the world/imaginations you have created in your own head. This is only the beginning of an out of this world journey for Bexyland, but the future is now. The peak of the future is space travel, and Bexyland will be your pilot. Extraterrestrial life would listen to Bexyland and so should you. Following her newest single "Spacetime" she projects a very soothing beat leading onto her soft and ear catching vocals. Having a slow beat is what gives the track a very dreamy feel to it that'll certainly make you move your head. To explain the track a bit further it's about the sound in the moment which you escape reality and gain higher awareness of the 5th dimension when you are floating in space where time no longer exists. She is here to grab your hand and float with you through a zero gravity experience. It's truly a great track to enjoy go stream "Spacetime."



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