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Best Of Pop Volume 1

Updated: May 9, 2022

To start something new we think we wanted to start another "Best Of" series, but with stuff that we think could chart one day, artists that is. To start off we have Nicknames - "Jealous Boys" the single is a bit hyper pop influenced and rock influenced here, the drums have trap infuence but you could still play this live with a band. They Kiss - "I Gave It All" is relaxing and wet synth - pop single that you could see yourself driving to nowhere in the middle of the night. Deep Dive Species - "Beach Runes" is more of an electronic song here that features amazing chops and secrets you have to listen to closely. G sanchez - "Enloquecer" is a spanish single here that we think we would hear in the carribean if we were to head over there right now, the mix is tight and the instrumental makes you want to dance and not stop. YASMINA - "here you go again" is a soft, luscious single but YASMINA and she shows absolute potential over this easy going instrumental, we think with more time and expierence she has the possibility to be a star of the future. Alors - "Broken Heart" is soft vocally, and instrumentally a bit with a bit of ambience over the whole single, the lyrics are absolutely heart felt. emmha - "Rock Me Emmhadeus" is a single that is reminiscent to the 80's in a big way, the artist just floats over the instrumental with total ease and confidence. Ty Hall - "You Don't Do The Things You Say You Do" is a single that is reminiscent to M83 here we think, the instrumental is absolutely great and the vocals feature wetness to vocoder in the background we think. Vonica - "Some Swim Some Pray" (Feat. Bernardo) is an absolute house success we think, we could imagine listening to this in deep clubs in miami while people are spilling drinks and dancing wildy. Chris de Sarandy - "Like I Don't Know You" features a very proffesional singer here that knows how to control his vocals with incredible dynamics and control. The raspiness amplifies the storytelling here to us, the range is stupendous. Dantes - "INSATIABLE" is a track produced by the legendary producer Illmind, the vocals are full of amazing, true, raw potential we think Dantes has what it takes to become a star of the future without a doubt in our mind. Julian Scott - "Far Away Again" (feat. James Campbell) is a very calming record that is full of piano and warm vocals, it feels like climbing on a mountain and getting to the top with this track. TENDER - "Long Time Coming" is an airy, light record that is very wet as well and feels like an absolute dream scape, the vocals are absolutely relaxing and the instrumental is an amazing dream pop beat. Franki - "24 Hr Heartbreak" is a synth wave instrumental that is very reminiscent to the 80's but in a modern way with todays amazing, thick drums. The Two Fake Blondes - "Sad For When Ur Saddd" (Remix by Deadman) sounds like something you would hear at Ultra Miami here while people are absolutely just connecting to the music, listening on loud volume is what you need to do for this track. Listen below.


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