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Berkan Cesur - Inertia (Like a Drum) (Mobiius & Berkan Cesur)

Introducing an amazing artist known as Berkan Cesur A passionate guitarist and a heavy metal fan since childhood gains a new horizon with The Prodigy concert he watched live. After the show, his interest in heavy music continued in the electronic field. But still, at that stage, his music-making skills were generally limited to analog instruments. In early 2020, he released his debut album the name “Ritual of the Mantis Tribe”, which focused on techno mostly. “Entity” from that album, was loved by Cyberpunk culture enthusiasts worldwide and brought him his very first tractions from the community. His tracks are often fed by dark breezes and contain lots of indescribable feelings. Although he usually revolves around the dark synth, he brings together many genres in his tracks. With the release of his newest single "Inertia (Like a Drum) (Mobiius & Berkan Cesur)" he presents a thrilling sound that will surely grasp your ears. Starting with vibrant instrumentation leading onto his bright and ear-catching vocals he captures the song fully. To the vocals and production this single will definitely have you dancing like there's no tomorrow. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or partying with some friends. Go stream "Inertia (Like a Drum) (Mobiius & Berkan Cesur)" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding music.


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