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Ben Fairey - "The Light"

Ben Fairey, an up-and-coming musician from the UK, has released his latest electro-funk track, "The Light". The song is about finding inner peace, inner truth, and inner strength, amidst a world that is increasingly focused on temporary highs and external validation. With his unique blend of Electro Funk, Electro Pop, and Indietronica, Fairey delivers a high-energy, epic track that encourages listeners to let go of negative influences and focus on the light within.

Fairey's previous work has touched on classic themes of modern music, such as falling in and out of love, or using dance as a way to drown out one's sorrows. However, unlike many young artists who boldly proclaim the real, lived experience of their music, Fairey takes on a wider field of vision, laying down a reality for people to observe. His latest material tackles the challenges of love and human connection in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology and ever-assuming self-identity.

"The Light" is an upbeat track that encourages listeners to tap into their inner light, rather than relying on external stimuli to feel good. Fairey sings about encountering a negative person who relies on him to ease their pain, but he tells them, "Don’t rely on me to ease your mind. Bring the light to you." The song suggests that this exchange takes place in a setting similar to "Boomerang", but it could also be a virtual one.

The music video for "The Light" features the album characters, Future and Nature, who reappear in this video looking at each other uncertainly when they cross paths. This is designed to support the theory that we don’t need artificial happiness. We just need to strike a balance in order to feel the light inside us. Future and Nature are the two parts of the present-day human self, so the fact that they aren’t neutrally connecting like they did at the end of the "Fortune Days" video could mean they’re not in balance like the internally-conflicted person Fairey describes in the lyrics.

Overall, "The Light" is a catchy, energetic track that encourages listeners to look within themselves for the strength and truth they need to navigate a world that can be overwhelming at times. Ben Fairey's unique blend of Electro Funk, Electro Pop, and Indietronica is sure to appeal to fans of Beck, Goldfrapp, Bjork, Gorillaz, Chemical Brothers, Moloko, John Grant, Massive Attack, and Cornelius. If you're looking for a fresh, upbeat track to add to your playlist, "The Light" is definitely worth a listen.


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