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Beau Turrentine Introduces His Dreamy Track "Take Your Time"

An upcoming artist caught our eye recently and he is Beau Turrentine After releasing a handful of euphoric indie-rock gems over the last few years collecting over 200K streams, Beau Turrentine caught the ear of masked cowboy Orville Peck which landed him on his personal Spotify playlist. This began a relationship between them that put Beau on tour opening a string of sold-out shows for Orville Peck across the United States. Now the Nashville-based singer and songwriter continues to unveil his upcoming new EP Pillow House’ releasing the second track off the project titled, "Take Your Time". Starting the track with a slow and groovy beat leading onto his luscious and captivating vocals he completes this track to the fullest. I would love to play this at a day at the beach or just having my sunroof open and just having my hair flowing in the wind this is what surely envision the vibes of this track. Having those loud and appealing vocals he completely drill's the listener in. With its bright and intoxicating demeanor, "Take Your Time’"sees the frontman continue his woozy aesthetic with this smooth and enticing new jam. Channeling sweet and blissful dream-pop tones, this sophomore delight is entrancing with its rich and atmospheric feel that matches Beau’s own charismatic persona. Make sure to check out what Beau's whole discography in which is in fact dreamy and just overall enchanting you truly wouldn't want to miss out and go stream "Take Your Time".



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