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BC Roadz - "B00!"

Welcoming BC Roadz with "B00!". Doso Rubato (left) and BC Roadz (right) sonically illustrate the assassin extravaganza, MR. A.I. The 5 track thematic EP takes on heavy themes like the wealth gap and political corruption, in general. “I’m channeling my inner Tarantino.” The musician absolutely just knocks it out of the park we think in an amazing way. We think there is geniune talent within the writing we think. The writing is reminiscent to eminem we think in a major way. The musician doesnt let up and its simply bar after bar here we think. The single to us feels like absolute and genuine fun. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean. We think the artist really just lets it all loose within the record and it shows. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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