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BB Thomaz - “Me Time”

BB Thomaz is a talented musician and artist who has recently released her latest single "Me Time." This track showcases her professional vocals and smooth, solid riffs and runs.

The writing on this track is also impressive, telling a story that is relatable and emotive. BB Thomaz is a gifted musician who taught herself to play piano and guitar, and graduated from the University of Munich with a Master's in Musicology.

But BB Thomaz's life wasn't always easy. As a young girl, she was subjected to physical and mental abuse, forcing her to run away from home at the age of 16. Despite this difficult start, she was determined to succeed and pursued her passion for music.

Her incredible vocal ability has earned her comparisons to artists like Beyonce and Ariana Grande, but she is a unique and charismatic artist in her own right. In addition to her musical talent, BB Thomaz is a model, fitness enthusiast, and full-hearted artist who combines her many talents in a fascinating way.

Her song "Don't Go Missing" was produced with Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Kyle K2 Stewart II, and she has worked with artists such as Yvonne Catterfeld, Demi Lovato, and Ed Sheeran. BB Thomaz is currently participating in the Eurovision Song Contest pre-round for Germany, and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Give "Me Time" a listen and experience BB Thomaz's unique and captivating sound


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