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BAYEM - "Runnin"

BAYEM is a German-American modern pop artist. Following the cumulative million-streaming successes of his acclaimed singles "Pressure", "Thrill", and "Joyride", BAYEM has now released his new 8-song 2022 project AFTERGLOW. January 2022 also saw the first use of BAYEM's music in film, for the Hulu original film "Sex Appeal." The artist has a great commercial aim within his single, and obviously fitting commercial appeal and success within the single. The difference between BAYEM and others is the fact that it seems so seemless within the record on how he floats so effortlessly and glides over the very groovy instrumental. We think we get vibrations of The Weeknd of today, Charlie Puth, and Michael Jackson influence as well. The production is amazingly well done and you're going to feel easily grasped within the first snare.


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