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bayamo. - Tailwind

Introducing bayamo. with "Tailwind". Spending hours in his studio to make this idea real, bayamo. is a prime example of a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist artist as skilled as Makaya McCraven is with the percussions or dimlitewith electronica-infused DAW's techniques. This is the last and focus track "Tailwind" from “Slow is Fast” EP by the talented producer and multi-instrumentalist bayamo. Slow is Fast is steeped in the same virtuosic groove and organic tones at its core. The artist absolutely delivers amazing texture within the single and a good set of sounds, he absolutely knows his sound selection skills are up to par here, we get influence of flavor from thundercat here mostly on the drums and synths. We tend to feel grasped to the new modern sounding funk within the single and can appreciate the raw talent the artist has being self taugt. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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