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Barlito Barlito - "Race"

QMG Presents, Barlito Barlito. The emerging artist from High Point, NC, releases the latest single, "Race," produced by Southside Miko. Doing what it takes to make it across the finish line is all barlito Barlito is focused on—outrunning 12 and dodging the opps! The newest single "Race" is absolutely fun with its cadence, and Barlito Barlitos ability to be able to slide on the instrumental seeminglessly. The production is hard and the bass gets you bopping your head nonstop! The music video is crystal clear and really lets you see what the artist speaks about poetically through his music and visuals instead of the listener just imagining. The rising star clearly shows that he indeed has what it takes within the music video and the barrage of new singles that we suspect he has lined up, planned and ready to press the trigger on release. By the looks of it, he is project ready and we will be anticipating it.


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