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BARAKA ft. Justin Copeland - “Path of the Wind” (Live)

Baraka, the multi-talented musician and composer, has teamed up with trumpet virtuoso Justin Copeland to create a beautiful rendition of the classic Studio Ghibli theme "Path of the Wind" from the movie Totoro. The live recording, which was captured during a Champaign, Illinoisc radio bootleg, showcases the incredible talent of these two musicians.

The recording opens with Baraka on keys playing the melody of "Path of the Wind" with great sensitivity and nuance. The simple yet enchanting melody instantly transports the listener to the magical world of Totoro. As the melody progresses, Justin Copeland joins in with his trumpet, adding layers of complexity and beauty to the piece.

As the two musicians play together, they create a seamless and mesmerizing sound that is both haunting and beautiful. Their improvisation is fluid and effortless, with each musician playing off the other to create a sound that is truly captivating. The drums in the background provide the perfect foundation for the instrumentalists to shine, and the result is a beautiful and mesmerizing performance that is both emotionally charged and technically impressive.

Baraka and Justin Copeland's "Path of the Wind" is a masterclass in musical collaboration, showcasing the power of two talented musicians working together to create something truly special. The live recording captures the raw energy and emotion of the performance, giving the listener a front-row seat to this magical musical journey.

The beauty of this recording is in its simplicity. Baraka and Justin Copeland have taken a timeless melody and transformed it into something truly special. The result is a beautiful and emotional performance that is both intimate and powerful. Their musicianship and improvisational skills are on full display, and the listener is left with a feeling of awe and wonder.

In conclusion, Baraka and Justin Copeland's "Path of the Wind" is a beautiful and enchanting performance that captures the magic and wonder of Studio Ghibli's classic movie Totoro. The live recording is a testament to the power of collaboration, showcasing the talent and creativity of two incredible musicians. Their improvisational skills and technical proficiency are simply stunning, and the result is a performance that is both emotionally charged and technically impressive. If you love great music, then you owe it to yourself to give this recording a listen.


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