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BAR - “Drink To Make Me Blind”

BAR, a musician hailing from Israel but currently living in Los Angeles, has recently released his latest single "Drink To Make Me Blind". As an extroverted and adventurous observer, BAR takes the experiences of life and crafts them into stories for his listeners to hear and feel.

In "Drink To Make Me Blind", BAR explores the emotions that come with being cheated on. The track delves into the difficulty of dealing with someone who claims to care for you, but whose actions prove otherwise. Despite the heavy subject matter, BAR manages to turn the situation into a funky and danceable track. The driving bass and drums provide a contrast to the lyrics, which may leave the listener feeling celebratory and moving on, or lost in the intense chaos of an untruthful relationship.

BAR's unique style and perspective make "Drink To Make Me Blind" a must-listen for fans of funky and emotionally-charged music. Be sure to check out the track and follow BAR on his musical journey.


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