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Balloon Ride Fantasy - "Dreams of Apes"

Hailing from the city of Pittsburgh, the synth-pop/new wave sensation, Balloon Ride Fantasy, is a musical journey like no other. Their latest offering, "Dreams of Apes," delves into the realms of electro-pop and indie electronic, taking listeners on a sonic adventure through imaginative futuristic dreamscapes.

Balloon Ride Fantasy's signature sound is a captivating blend of dreamy vocal harmonies, lush synth-heavy instrumentation, and irresistibly catchy, danceable beats. As you dive into their music, you'll find yourself surrounded by an ethereal soundscape that's both energetic and contemplative, happy and sad - a reflection of the complex tapestry of human emotions.

One of the defining characteristics of Balloon Ride Fantasy is their ability to transport listeners to otherworldly places through their music. "Dreams of Apes" is no exception. With each note, it paints vivid pictures of distant galaxies and uncharted territories. If you're a fan of artists like Empire of the Sun, Passion Pit, Miike Snow, or Cut Copy, you're in for a treat, as Balloon Ride Fantasy occupies a similar sonic space, yet with their own unique twist.

This electro-pop gem invites you to let your imagination run wild. It's a sonic escape from the ordinary, a ticket to a realm where the boundaries of reality blur. Whether you're in the mood to dance, reflect, or simply get lost in the music, "Dreams of Apes" offers it all. Balloon Ride Fantasy's ability to craft music that taps into the depths of human emotion while carrying you away on a wave of electrifying energy is truly remarkable.

So, let yourself be carried away by the dreamy sounds of Balloon Ride Fantasy. "Dreams of Apes" is a testament to their talent in creating music that's both introspective and exhilarating. It's a reminder that in the world of music, there are no limits to where your imagination can take you.


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