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Bakarii Introduces His Funky Track "Up the Street"

Upcoming artist Bakarii is a Multidimensional act that knows that music has the power to transport us to different states of minds and emotions. He loves to harness that power to lead his audiences on a journey of feelings and emotions. His captivating voice, memorable melodies, engaging lyrics, and unique tracks all combine to turn every song and every show into a memorable experience. Based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Bakarii brings young and refreshing energy to the music scene. His eclectic background includes growing up overseas and calling many countries such as France, Spain, and more “home”. The result is a unique sound influenced by a global variety of genres and artists, ranging from Hip Hop and R&B all the way to Afrobeat and Afrofusion. With the release of his newest single "Up the Street" he projects a very groovy sound that will certainly grasp your ears. Starting the track with upbeat instrumentation leading onto his sweet and luscious vocals he fully completes the track. Explaining the song further it's about the passing of the legend Prince, Bakarii was inspired to provide his audience with the refreshing funk that's been home to Minneapolis since the late '80s-'90s. While boasting the comradery and talent within Ozone Creations, the song celebrates the genuine and the natural; expressing that individual beauty and divinity are never compromised by being truly yourself. To the vocals and production, this track will surely get your body dancing. Being just perfect for a late night or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Up the Street" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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