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Bahjat - "I'M HERE"

Introducing Bahjat today with the latest single "I'M HERE". Today, Libyan electronic pop artist Bahjat shares his "comeback" single, "I'M HERE." Continuing to carve out a globally appealing aesthetic with an Arabic soul and a touch of vintage nostalgia, the striking music video for “I’M HERE” sees Bahjat taking a major risk with his image, incorporating harsher environments, full choreography and bold fashion looks to bring to life the track’s theme of risk-taking. The single features a pulsing synth-pop beat and catchy chorus, the artist delivers amazing and tough vocals that are commercially ready within the single to us. The artist wrote this single and had it since the covid epidemic in 2020 where he thought up a lot of ideas during lock down. We think the single absolutely feels like something you would hear on the radio non stop in the summer. Listen below to see exactly what we mean.


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