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Babe Ru - "Every Minute"

Introducing Babe Ru with his latest single "Every Minute". Homebody-esque artist who loves making music with and without friends. Looking to inspire artist's to talk about real things they deal with on a day to day basis instead of the flexing you see most days. Have plenty of songs coming and songs Ive already released having just started uploading music after a year of working on it. The beggining of the single starts off with an ambiet yet luscious and grasping guitar loop that has you feeling simply mesmorized. We then begin to hear the singer / lyricist with his relaxed delivery. Later the chorus creeps in and sets us in the zone with his wet vocals and singing. We think the artist has raw potential, we always love when hear artists like Babe Ru because not everything is cut and clear just yet, you have to take the ride with him and watch him develop. Listen below.


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