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Babe Club With Their Upbeat Track "Need A Girl" (Remix by whimsy )

Upcoming group, Babe club is surely an act to keep your eyes on when Capturing Blondie's mid 70’s new wave era, & the 90’s alt-pop group The Cardigans - Babe Club’s sound is marked by raw guitars, textural synths, & lustrous drum beats. A clever songwriting style reminiscent of Aimee Mann, their alluring melodies are fused with powerfully evocative & existential lyrics, yielding songs that explore self-realization, honest emotions, friendship & themes of love. Lead vocalist/songwriter Jenna Desmond grew up on Long Island NY & learned the piano at an early age. Promising herself she wouldn’t study music, she moved to Charleston to study psychology. Inevitably becoming part of the music scene, she befriended future bandmate, Corey Campbell. They instantly began writing together. Corey was a classical pianist finishing a music degree while touring as lead guitarist for indie band Susto. Post-graduation, Campbell taught Desmond how to play bass in order to tour with the group. They toured with the band for 3 years, where they honed in on their style & wrote some of their 1st songs. They left that group at the end of 2018 to form Babe Club.

In 2019, the band recorded their 1st EP in Atlanta, at Big Trouble Recording with Producer Dan Gleason (member of Grouplove), & Engineer TJ Elias (Liz Cooper, Manchester Orchestra) Shortly after the EP was finished Desmond DM'd MEG HA on Instagram, who at the time was promoting shows. She asked her to write & collaborate on one of the band’s music videos, ultimately leading to Meg becoming a band member. With the release of their newest single "Need A Girl," they project an outstanding sound that will surely grasp your attention. Beginning with upbeat instrumentation leading onto their sweet and loud vocals they complete the track fully. The remix elevates the original song by adding fun and lighthearted elements of indie dance, while the lyrics reminisce on Jenna Desmond’s feelings of being the only girl in a band. To the vocals and production, this song will certainly make you get up and jam out. Being perfect for a late night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Need A Girl" and check out their discography which is filled with amazing tracks.






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