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AXXIS - “Love is Gonna Get You Killed”

Musician AXXIS is back with a new single, "Love is Gonna Get You Killed," and it's sure to be a hit with fans of classic rock. AXXIS is a band that has been making music for decades, with roots dating back to the 1980s in Lünen, Germany.

Before the AXXIS story, the band was originally called ANVIL and played in cities around their hometown. They changed their name to AXIS to avoid confusion with another band called ANVIL from Canada. In the 1980s, they traveled around the Ruhrarea region and beyond to promote themselves and get more gigs.

In an effort to increase their success, the band invested in a demo production at the Dierks Studios in Cologne to record their new songs "Hot Summer Night" and "Out of the Nation." The recording engineer was a then-unknown Michael Wagener.

The "POP AM RHEIN" Festival in Düsseldorf/Philipshalle in 1984 was AXXIS' biggest success to date. It was here that they met Walter Pietsch, who would later become their manager.

Today, AXXIS is still going strong, with "Love is Gonna Get You Killed" being their latest single. If you're a fan of classic rock and want to discover a band with a long and storied history, be sure to give AXXIS a listen. "Love is Gonna Get You Killed" is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.


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