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Avie Sheck With His Astounding Track "L.A. Is a Trap!"

Outstanding artist Avie Sheck's music is of the future, steeped in the dark rhythms and sonics of today, meticulously invented for a 21st-century audience. Avie offers dramatic production alongside mesmerizing vocal creativity. His enthralling live shows, intimate songwriting, haunting voice, and diverse instrumentation (as seen in his debut EP, "Chutney Chasers" and his mixtape, "The Escapade") make him an artist to watch closely. Avie Sheck's music also encompasses a world-reaching approach. From his nomadic Nu-Metal/Rock upbringing to the classical Indian music his mother taught him, his diverse sounds flow freshly into today’s R&B/Dance/Hip-Hop/Pop music worlds. Having grown up in four different countries (and now residing in Los Angeles, CA) - Avie's music has been tremendously influenced by his third cultural background. Following the release of his newest single "L.A. Is a Trap!" he projects a captivating sound that will surely grasp your attention. Beginning with upbeat instrumentation leading onto his bold and luscious vocals he completes the single entirely. Explaining a bit further it's about being so caught up in the L.A. world and feeling like your sinking with everything that happens there. Trying to escape it and find yourself again. To the vocals and production, this song will surely have you vibing. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or at a party. Go stream "L.A. Is a Trap!".





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