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Ava Della Pietra - "talk it out"

Introducing Ava Della Pietra with her latest pop rock sensation, "talk it out," released by Avadon Music LLC. This track seamlessly blends dance pop and commercial elements, creating a sound that resonates with the vibes of a young Taylor Swift, and yet carries its own unique, heartfelt message with a good radio ready vibe we think personally.

The track speaks to those who have felt the sting of a relationship ending without the chance for a final conversation, those yearning for closure and understanding. The influence of artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Sia, and Maren Morris is strong within the single, not a bad look here the influence is good, yet Ava Della Pietra brings her own distinct flair to the track, making it a poignant anthem for anyone aching for the conversations that could have mended a broken bond. The accompanying music video adds another layer to the song's message. Ava starts as a serene model in an art class, but as the sketches evolve, so does the metaphor for misinterpreted feelings. Her transformation from patience to disillusionment mirrors the song’s narrative. The powerful act of dismantling the gallery of incomplete sketches symbolizes the rejection of flawed perceptions and the deep desire to be truly understood. Listen now.


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