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auracane - Hidden Path

Outstanding artist auracane is an artist/music producer with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between contemporary hip-hop, trip-hop, and lo-fi music. His sound is fresh and intuitive, and his creative style is very kaleidoscopic, bridging the gaps between a broad range of creative influences. His most recent studio EP, Ascension, is a perfect showcase of what Auracane can accomplish with his music. At times immersive and soothing, at times melodic and universally appealing, this particular studio effort does not disappoint in terms of immersive production aesthetics. The soundscapes are astounding and beautiful, matching Auracane’s talent with a crisp and intelligible sound that’s multifaceted. Auracane is going to be right up your alley if you are a fan of artists such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Nosaj Thing, only to mention a few. Following the release of his newest single "Hidden Path", he projects a nostalgic sound that will surely grasp your ears. Beginning with dreamy instrumentation he definitely creates a euphoric atmosphere that will send you into a state of mind of peace. There's no doubt this track won't have vibing and feeling relaxed. With such an infectious sound this track would be just amazing for a day out on the beach or driving during sunset. Go stream "Hidden Path".


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