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Aunty MNGO - "LUV-B1C1: The Brightest Timeline" (ELGNCE)

Introducing Aunty MNGO with the latest single "LUV-B1C1: The Brightest Timeline" (ELGNCE). Aunty MNGO is giving us a taste of this ornate sound and style with a cruisey funked up treat called ‘The Brightest Timeline’ - technically titled “LUV-B1C1: The Brightest Timeline (ELGNCE)” - which also comes with news of a whole new EP that he has planned for release in the coming months. The single to us is on the deadmau5 side of things we think, there is something else behind the color within the single. The production is simply amazing and you feel it in your chest when turned up loud. The mix as well just feels extremely well done and commercially succesfuly. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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