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Aubrey Haddard - "Future Boxes"

Introducing Aubrey Haddard with the latest single "Future Boxes". Brooklyn singer/songwriter Aubrey Haddard defines her own set of boundaries just to boldly knock them back down. Described by NPR as having a “nascent star power,” Haddard’s powerful, gutsy roar, and whip smart songwriting reference the most soulful indie songwriters, from the hopeless romanticism of Jeff Buckley to the mystic pixiness of Kate Bush. The single is just something that really feels raw we think and not something you really come across to often. The vocals are some of the most elastic and controlled that we've stumbled upon. The beat as well makes you want to sway your body quite a bit, as delighting as it is, we think its simply the foundation here, and really lets the musicians vocals shine and come to life. The lyrics are on the playful side we think but the singer didn't come to play. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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