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Astronomers of the Strange - "Egos Away"

Introducing "Egos Away" by Astronomers of the Strange, a track that's a serene tapestry woven from the threads of Vaporwave and Chillwave genres. Released under Yo Me Deja Vu Music, this instrumental piece is a part of the album "Unseen Mosaics," and it invites listeners into a world of tranquility and jazzy vibes we think here. "Egos Away" is characterized by its jazzy, lively instrumentals, marked by live-sounding drums that exude warmth and relaxation as it does to us tonight. The drums don't just keep the rhythm though, they create an inviting, cozy atmosphere, complemented by the soothing pads in the background. This combination of elements results in a chill vibe that's perfect for unwinding or getting lost in your thoughts. Astronomers of the Strange, inspired by a wide array of genres including lo-fi, jazz, dream folk, classical, and old western evening songs, brings a unique flair to their music. "Egos Away" reflects this eclectic influence, blending instrumentalisms and indie pop in a way that's both innovative and nostalgic. Listen below to see what I mean.


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