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Astronomers of the Strange - "Directions to a Dreamworld"

Welcoming Astronomers of the Strange with their enchanting new single, "Directions to a Dreamworld," an instrumental piece that promises to take listeners on a mesmerizing journey. Released by Yo Me Deja Vu Music, this track is the second and final single from their upcoming album, and it's a beautiful prelude to what's in store.

"Directions to a Dreamworld" is a unique blend of Instrumental Hip-Hop and Downtempo, perfect for fans of Nujabes, Washed Out, World Complete, and Thievery Corporation. This track is imbued with happy and energetic moods, yet it maintains a calming and relaxing essence that's hard to find elsewhere. The essence of the track is reminiscent of the ocean – a feeling that's both blue and tranquil. The electronic elements merge seamlessly with the calming drums, creating a soundscape that's as soothing as it is invigorating. It's like a musical embodiment of the ocean's vastness and serenity. Listen below now and relax!


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