Arttemis - "Closer"

Introducing Arttemis, Arttemis Records is a collective with the culmination of talents of Soul Sydonna, Young Leek and Jose not Josè. The group delves into different styles such as funk, rnb, soul, alternative and of course rap. Closer is a song by the Arttemis Collective that is about the struggles of finding love and those brief moments with the ones we do love. A contrast to what the rest of the tape, Closer is a breathe of fresh air. Guitar and bass by Soul Sydonna, raps by Young Leek and Jose not Josè. The single to us is a relaxing one right off the bat, with an easy going guitar to set the tone and mood and shortly after we hear drums that is reminiscent to a lofi single, the vocals on the track are simply smooth in the beggining with the female vocal for a smokey feel. We then hear a rapper after adding a different flavor in a relaxed delivery. The singer comes back and then we get another lyricist that adds yet more favor. Listen below.


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