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ArtStyle - "Be Like That"

In the world of music, sometimes, the mystery surrounding an artist can be as captivating as the music itself. ArtStyle, with their track "Be Like That," adds a layer of intrigue to the realm of synthwave. The details about the musician are scarce, but the music tells a story of its own.

"Be Like That" carries a multifaceted mood, blending happiness, chillness, and moody undertones into a sonic landscape. At its core, this track is a beautiful fusion of a soft female vocal and an equally gentle synthwave beat. It's an enchanting combination that draws you into its world, where emotions ebb and flow like the tide.

ArtStyle's decision to remain in the shadows only enhances the allure of "Be Like That." The anonymity allows listeners to craft their own narratives around the music, letting it become a deeply personal experience. In a time when information is abundant and artists often lay bare their lives, ArtStyle's approach is a refreshing reminder of the power of letting the music speak for itself.

So, if you're in the mood for a synthwave experience that's happy, chill, and moody all at once, give "Be Like That" by ArtStyle a listen. It's a musical journey where the artist's enigmatic presence only adds to the allure of the music, leaving you with the space to explore the feelings it evokes on your own terms. Listen below.


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