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Artist/Producer Clifford with late night sleeper hit "3AM"

Clifford tells us "This song is about how love puts you in a dream state even when you're awake and gives you that feeling of invincibility." An artist from Maryland. The track starts off with a beat almost like "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish & Finneas. Clifford shows us his funky style in the single, and with production from himself. The track is about staying awake in the dead of night thinking of someone special. I personally imaging a music video of him laying in bed next to a guitar and the camera zooms into him as the punchy bass keeps on playing. His vocals are significantly improving at a fast pace along with his in depth production so its quite obvious that Clifford is simply an artist to watch. There's a lot of music that's good, and then there's music that is good and you really can't wait to watch the artist develop more and win, this is the case with this special Artist/Producer. Listen now.



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