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Artimist80 - "Dream On Dreaming"

Welcoming Artimist80 and his latest instrumental track, "Dream On Dreaming"! This piece is a stellar journey into the heart of Synthwave, infused with a unique blend of modern 80's vibes and a touch reminiscent of John Carpenter. For fans of Midnight Fury, THALREX, Dark Helmet, Lübro, and Timecop1983, this track is a must-listen. The single feels like a journey that encapsulates moods of romance, darkness, and energy, truly wrapping all of that together and making it feel like a dream, really all seamlessly woven into a tapestry of sound. The track invites listeners to embark on an odyssey, where dreams are not just figments of imagination but pathways to the stars. Artimist80's mastery in crafting instrumental tracks shines through in every note of "Dream On Dreaming." The track pulsates with a life of its own it feels like to us, taking listeners on a voyage through time and space. It’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and novelty, offering a fresh take on the Synthwave genre while staying true to its roots. Listen below now.


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