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Artificial Island - "Gravity Wave"

Welcoming Artificial Island and their captivating new single "Gravity Wave". This track is a deep dive into the world of experimental electronic music, and it's like nothing you've heard before. Think of standing on the edge of an unknown world, looking out into the vastness of space, that's "Gravity Wave" for you. Artificial Island, a London-based duo, has crafted a sound that's both epic and moody. They've drawn inspiration from the likes of Boards of Canada, Plaid, and Aphex Twin, but their unique twist sets them apart. "Gravity Wave" to us takes you on a voyage through a space resort in your imagination, filled with color and vibrancy. This isn't a grey, dull world too, it's alive and pulsing with energy. The instrumentation here is kind of a masterclass in electronic music production. The thin strings beneath the beat create a delicate tension, while the pads and thicker drums build a solid foundation. We think what really sets the track apart from others though is the sense of a dystopian soundscape it evokes. It's like being pulled into a gravity well, where the familiar and the alien merge into something entirely new. Listen to see what we mean.


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