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Arthrn With His Soothing Track "Ghost"

Introducing upcoming artist Arthrn he's a young multi-genre French artist, composer, producer, beatmaker and singer. Arthrn is an artistic creative and a musical eclecticism who touches the core of different genre's such as (rap, pop, alternative rock, electro, ambient, downtempo, chill, soundscape ...) all characterize to Arthrn's musical universe. He signs the musical productions of many artists of the underground hip-hop scene, both French and English. He notably collaborated with Bones - OmenXIII - Nothing,Nowhere - bbno$ - Sybyr - Jorrdee - NxxxxxS - Zuukou Mayzee - Lala &ce - Retro X - Bitsu - Wit. ...), He also signs his own titles / songs and composes for advertising, film, television or video games. With an immense amount of talent and collaboration Arthrn is going nowhere but up from here. Following the release of his newest single "Ghost" he projects a very outstanding track that will surely grasp your ears. Starting the track with a slow beat leading onto his luscious and capturing vocals. Something about this song that really sets the overall tone would have to be the mellow beat that just gives you that sense of breaking free or just sitting down and digesting all your thoughts and emotions. You can really hear the sincerity and overall genuinity behind the track. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just alone thinking about your past,present, or future. To explain the track further it's about trying to realize where you stand and being present to yourself, just overall realizing what matters or what doesn't matter. It's a lovely track that you could definitely enjoy or relate too. Go stream "Ghost".






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