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Artemis Orion With A Soothing Track "midnight thoughts"

Introducing upcoming artist artemis orion who projects amazing music with every song she makes. She had always has had a passion for creating music at a young age growing up in rural Mississippi but now based in LA, Artemis is a self-contained artist who crafts music in a unique way. Her sound is refreshingly genre free, with her upcoming EP flitting between electronic, bedroom and indie pop. Artemis crafts a sound landing somewhere between Powfu and Lorde, Artemis paints a world of dark and dreamy narratives that embody self-growth and dark optimism. Following her newest release "midnight thoughts" she slows things down a bit and leads us into a beautiful guitar intro leading into her soft and sweet vocals. This track is truly captivating her voice sounds so fresh and soft that it's definitely a treat to listen to this track till it's end. "midnight thoughts" is a gorgeous offering from an artist set for a big few months. Showcasing her hazy vocals over a floating arrangement, this track fits just right in for a late night drive or just wanting to sit in your thoughts and listen to something quite and to an extent relatable. Make sure to check out this artist's lovely discography in which her tracks are all spectacular and go stream "midnight thoughts".






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