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Arlø With His Upbeat Track "Fall"

Introducing upcoming artist Arlø Arlø is a Deep House producer and singer from San Francisco. He projects ear catching melodies and free flowing chord progressions make listening effortless. Yet, his deep bass production brings an edge to each track that satisfies the desire for more. The result is a combination that will elevate any party, or dancefloor.

Arlø uses simplicity to emphasize the most important elements of his productions: clear vocal hooks and bass drops. There is a moment in every Arlø track where the listener will stop and ask “What song is that?". Following the release of his newest single "Fall" he creates an energy filling sound that will certainly grasp your ears. Starting the track with a booming sound leading onto his bold and luscious vocals he captures this track fully. It includes Summery vocals flow seamlessly for easy listening, while the Deep Jungle drop is addictive. The combination is vibrant and uplifting. The overall meaning of the track is mainly to let loose and just enjoy the sounds flowing through your ears while listening to this track. It would be perfect for any party, gathering, or event. It also pairs well with all things active, including running, driving, skiing, and more. Go stream "Fall" and check out his other tracks that are just as amazing.



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