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Ariel Sim - “I LOVE YOU”

Musician Ariel Sim is back with a new single, "I LOVE YOU," and it's sure to be a hit with fans of lo-fi hip hop and jazz.

"I LOVE YOU" is a laid-back and relaxing track that is perfect for chill vibes playlists and kicking back with friends. The song's lo-fi hip hop beats and jazzy stylings are reminiscent of French beatmakers like the Jazz Liberatorz, and it's sure to get you nodding your head along and feeling the laid-back vibes.

The track opens with a beautiful piano instrumental and walking bass line composed by Santiago, Chile producer Ljazz Beats, before the drum kit kicks in and gives the song a definite hip hop vibe. Ariel Sim's lead vocals carry over the beat with jazzy stylings, supported by a harmonic quartet, until a spoken word breakdown takes over the song mid-way through.

Overall, "I LOVE YOU" is a wavy and relaxing track that is sure to uplift and relax. As an artist, Ariel Sim also embodies the qualities of love and care in her performances, sharing intimate moments with her audiences before, during, and after her shows. If you're a fan of lo-fi hip hop and jazz, be sure to give "I LOVE YOU" a listen.


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