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Ari Bradshaw With His Dreamy Single "Can't Help But Fall For You"

Introducing an amazing artist known as Ari Bradshaw he is a genre-bending musician whose musical storytelling and full, all-encompassing production reflects his intensity. While most of his music today is captured by the “Urban Top 40” umbrella, his beginnings couldn’t have been stylistically further. Inspired by producers such as Skrillex and Avicii at a young age, Bradshaw began producing electronic music at the age of 12 before expanding his reach into pop, RnB, and hip-hop music throughout his adolescence. His influences later expanded to include artists such as Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Dr. Luke, Bon Iver, B.o.B, and A$AP Rocky. After receiving a full-ride to the prestigious Vanderbilt University, Bradshaw moved to the heart of Music City to develop his craft. Working with rising musicians such as Bahjat, Lackhoney, Sarah Steil, Brett Koolik, Curt Summers, A.C., Lucy DK and more. Following the release of his newest single "Can't Help But Fall For You" he presents a very dreamy sound that will certainly captivate your ears. Starting with soothing instrumentation leading onto his sweet and nostalgic vocals he completes the single entirely. Explaining the track a bit further it's about being so in love with someone and always falling for them more and more, you just couldn't imagine life without them. To the vocals and production, this song will certainly have you vibing. It would be just great for a late-night drive or a day out on the beach. Go stream "Can't Help But Fall For You".



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