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Ari Abdul - “BABYDOLL” (Speed)

Introducing Ari Abdul and her latest single "BABYDOLL" (Speed). With over 75 million global streams to date, 20 year old Abdul is quickly becoming a breakout star. She is now blessing us with her debut EP, Fallen Angel.

As its title suggests, Fallen Angel is a pop-noir work, with alluring melodies and Abdul's warm, luminescent vocals taking center stage. Growing up in Catholic school, Abdul became enamored with the story of Lucifer and the "fallen angel" narrative. She and her producer, Thomas LaRosa, worked to create a world behind the EP inspired by "loss of innocence and connection with one's self into a distorted, wicked version."

One of the EP's most alluring qualities is how it gives glimpses into who Abdul is, blending tenebrous fantasy with her personal story. These twisted narratives come to life in tracks like her debut single, "BABYDOLL" and the seductive fan-favorite, "TASTE".

Another standout track is "HELLGIRL", which is one of Abdul's personal favorites. This is where the transition into the fallen angel is completed, with the power of desire in the track keeping the listener hooked until the last note. It's a perfect example of how the EP contains gloomy, sultry instrumentals while effortlessly transitioning into heavier, distorted sounds.

With Fallen Angel, Ari Abdul has created a dark and alluring world that is sure to captivate listeners. If you're a fan of pop-noir music, be sure to give "BABYDOLL" (Speed) and the rest of the EP a listen. Abdul is an artist to keep an eye on, and we can't wait to see what she has in store for the future


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