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"Arachnophobia" music for when you're in the sun with Tokoloshe

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

"Arachnaphobia" is a laid back song about... spiders, specifically, well, arachnophobia. It sounds unique because it is, the instrumental is simply awesome, with an almost happy like groove on the guitar, a soft snare with subtle hi hats but the song is about a simple easy going girl that you would find typically in a starbucks at 8am in new york. It starts to get skin crawling when Tokoloshe sings about how the girl in the story just wants to be somewhere where spiders won't crawl in her mouth. Oddly enough, as i'm listening to it I hear mac demarco, king krule almost. He sings about sunny days, staring at the trees and sky like portrayed in the cover art, and spending time with this person. Staring at that same sky. 30 years on, The same couple in this piece have children, they're okay with the spiders being outside... but inside is a no go. A story beautifully told.



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