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AP Tobler - “Solemn Farewell”

Musician AP Tobler has recently released their latest single "Solemn Farewell". The track is a powerful, emotive offering that showcases Tobler's talent as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Describing themselves as a "grunge poet," Tobler uses heavy riffs to tackle complex experiences like anxiety and depression. The singer is not afraid to take the reins and record each layer of the composition themselves, allowing for a fully immersive experience into their music and world.

"Solemn Farewell" is a standout track from Tobler's 2021 EP Alternate Vision. The track features chugging guitars and a haunting riff that carries Tobler's powerful voice. The way they elongate specific words and phrases adds weight to the lyrics, which speak to the truth we often try to ignore. The accompanying video intersperses Tobler between the lonesome outdoors and the feeling of being alone with friends, adding to the track's emotive impact.

Overall, "Solemn Farewell" is a fantastic single from AP Tobler. The track is a powerful, emotive offering that showcases Tobler's talent as a singer and musician. We can't wait to hear more from this talented artist.


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