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Ant Antic - "Wasting Time"

ANT ANTIC, the musical persona of Tobias Koett, is an artist who defies categorization. With a signature sound that sits somewhere between pop and club, ANT ANTIC's music is a mesmerizing blend of melancholy and hope, wrapped in urgent songs that leave a lasting impact. Drawing influences from ambient, electronic, and contemporary R&B sounds, this Austrian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer has carved out a distinct musical path that resonates with listeners around the world. Tobias Koett's journey into the world of music began in his small-town upbringing in Austria. He found solace and inspiration in the stolen Beatles records of his older brother, singing and learning their songs. Exploring multiple instruments and experimenting with music production on his first computer at the age of 14, Koett's passion for music blossomed. British trip-hop artists acted as a gateway to electronic music, and soon he was releasing his own songs on MySpace, garnering his first taste of radio airplay at just 16 years old. While battling through a period of self-doubt during his time at a mechanical engineering school, Koett discovered joy in playing music with an indie rock band and organizing festivals for film and music. These experiences, coupled with a constant feeling of not fitting in, laid the foundation for his introspective songwriting. After completing engineering school, he moved to Vienna to study music pedagogy, further honing his skills and artistic vision. In 2015, Koett collaborated with drummer and producer Marco Kleebauer, forming a deep friendship and laying the groundwork for ANT ANTIC. Their debut EP, "Blood Sugar," released in May 2015, marked the beginning of a relentless pursuit of their live performance craft. Night after night, they fine-tuned their set, captivating audiences at club shows and festival stages across Austria. The culmination of their efforts arrived in June 2017 with the release of their debut album, "Wealth," via Seayou Records. The album was followed by an extensive tour, encompassing nearly 50 shows throughout Central and Southern Europe. As the years went by, Koett made the decision to move to Berlin to explore new opportunities and work as a music producer. While Kleebauer is no longer part of ANT ANTIC's live performances, the two continue to collaborate in the studio, maintaining their strong friendship despite the physical distance. In 2019, ANT ANTIC released the EP "Whoop!," featuring four songs influenced by Koett's new surroundings and musical influences in Berlin. The release broke free from conventional pop song structures, fusing stripped-down four-to-the-floor aesthetics with an analog approach to sound design.

ANT ANTIC's latest single, "Good News," delves into the emotional power of information and media. Examining the overwhelming flood of information we face daily, Koett questions what is lost amidst this constant bombardment. In his second album, "Good Vids, Vile Times," released in the autumn of 2020, he fearlessly contemplates these queries in a brutally honest and relatable manner. Koett, a child of the first globally connected generation, observes the disintegration of geographical boundaries and the struggle to reconcile a reality overflowing with possibilities, resulting in a generation leaning towards superficial nihilism. Through the catchy chorus of "Good News," he explores our obsession with information and news, presenting a mantra that revolves around the duality of a bombardment of good news. ANT ANTIC's newest single, "Wasting Time," is a reflection on coping with the daily routine while longing for a lost love. It captures the fear of emotional inaccessibility within Berlin's clique and the pursuit of enjoying life without restrictions. The song was a collaborative effort with British artist Jack Ritchie (Bearcubs) in Koett's Berlin studio. The album campaign for "Good Vids, Vile Times" commenced with the powerful electropop single "this time i," followed by the release of the album's second track. This latest offering once again combines electronic sounds, distorted guitars, and captivating vocals, accompanied by catchy riffs and an overall summery vibe. ANT ANTIC's music embodies a unique artistic vision that transcends genres, captivating listeners with its raw emotion and thought-provoking lyricism. ANT ANTIC is an artist whose distinctive voice will undoubtedly stay with us forever, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.


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