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Anni - "Fairgrounds"

Introducing Anni with "Fairgrounds", a poignant song by the Los Angeles native, previously known as Annika Grace. Inspired by a performance at the LA County Fair where Anni found out her ex was in attendance (oof), "Fairgrounds" becomes an anthem for those who've ever felt stuck in a toxic relationship we think, who hasn't been there right? The song explores the realization that you can't be someone else's validation, and it plays on the metaphor of a relationship deteriorating into a carnival of emotional games and repetitive cycles.

Known for her poetic lyricism, Anni brings her own brand of raw vulnerability into this new era of her music. No longer confined to just the beautiful or melodious, she explores the grittier sides of emotions and experiences. Through her poetry and songwriting, she has unearthed a more authentic side to her sound that resonates deeply with the listener as she does with the single, listen now.


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