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Anna Shoemaker - "Until I Die"

Introducing Anna Shoemaker today with her latest single "Until I Die". Anna Shoemaker is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer. Described by NYLON as “Brooklyn’s own Olivia Rodrigo,” Anna Shoemaker has quickly emerged as the next indie-pop darling to watch. Combining alt-leaning production, intoxicating pop melodies and notably honest lyricism, her songs capture the turmoil, charm and introspection of young adulthood. Over the past few years. "Until I Die" is the focus track from Anna Shoemaker's debut album, Everything is Fine (I'm Only on Fire). The single starts off in an amazing fashion and doesn't make you wait to long at all, the aritst does absolute work with her singing we think big time. We are so in love with the hook the most. The artists vocals are simply stunning to say the least, the mix on the vocals as well simply goes with the whole idea and aesthetic, Listen below for yourself.


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