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Angel of Discord - "LIE 4 U."

Introducing "Angel of Discord," a trailblazing musical project that marries Dance Pop and Alternative Rock in a way that's as unconventional as it is captivating. Their latest track, "LIE 4 U," stands as a testament to this audacious fusion, boasting elements of Pop Rap and featuring compelling female rapping that might remind listeners of the likes of Azealia Banks. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists including Grimes, Slash, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, and Billie Eilish, "LIE 4 U" weaves together a tapestry of moods, ranging from happiness to darkness to aggression. The inclusion of female rapping adds an extra layer of depth, evoking a bold energy reminiscent of Azealia Banks. However, it's not just their musical ingenuity that sets Angel of Discord apart. Their commitment to a DIY ethos is a nod to the rock scenes of yesteryears, notably the 70s and 90s. They firmly believe that listeners are willing to forgo a bit of glossy production in favor of ethically crafted music, free from the clutches of corporate machinery and exploitative management. This resonates through their music and philosophy, akin to the likes of iconic bands such as Nirvana, Velvet Underground, and Phish. The band's influences are as varied as their genre-blurring sound, ranging from Dinosaur Pile-Up, Church of the Cosmic Skull, and Dead Sara to the punk energy of The Distillers, the eclectic artistry of Jeff Beck, and even the pop sensibilities of Barenaked Ladies. This rich mix of inspiration underscores their distinct sound. What's more intriguing is their three-album collection titled "16," each housing 16 songs written during their sixteenth year - a musical time capsule capturing the essence of youth, creativity, and unbridled passion. "Angel of Discord" emerges not only as a musical act but as a statement of artistic integrity and a call for genuine, unfiltered expression in an industry that often succumbs to commercial pressures. In a world where the music scene can often feel dominated by trends and commercial interests, "Angel of Discord" stands as a beacon of authenticity, a reminder that music can transcend boundaries and expectations when driven by genuine passion and a commitment to artistic truth. Their unique blend of Dance Pop, Alternative Rock, and Pop Rap is a testament to the limitless possibilities that emerge when artists fearlessly pursue their creative vision. Listen now.


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