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Angel of Discord - "kingdom of the fae"

Get ready to immerse yourself in a relaxing soundscape with"Kingdom of the Fae," a haunting instrumental track by Angel of Discord. With roots in Synthwave, Cyberpunk, and a touch of Chiptune (new to us), this piece takes you on a mystical journey that blurs the lines between the digital and the celestial.

The artist was inspired to create this track after attending a shamanic retreat, where they were told they were part of the kingdom of the fae. Seized by this revelation, Angel of Discord took to their instruments that very night and recorded the entire track solo, embodying the DIY ethos that drives their music.

Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences like Nirvana, Frank Zappa, and the Velvet Underground from the rock scene, and other diverse artists ranging from Dinosaur Pile-Up to Taylor Swift, Angel of Discord champions a "no help from the devil" approach to promotion and production. The band strongly believes that music can be ethically produced without compromising the soul of the project, a sentiment harkening back to the DIY scenes of the '70s and '90s we think, listen below now.


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