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ANDRE RiiZiNG - "071123"

Introducing "071123" by ANDRE RiiZiNG, an instrumental masterpiece in the realm of Vaporwave and Indie Electronic music. This track stands out with its experimental, dark, and epic mood, marking a departure from ANDRE RiiZiNG's usual tempo with a slower, industrial vibe.

Described by the musician as "a man from a place in a world where there’s light and sound - never bound by our illustrious ways," "071123" is just an Aphex Twin nod away from making a significant impact in the music world indeed. With influences from eclectic artists like Squarepusher, Thom Yorke, Prince, My Bloody Valentine, and Boards of Canada echo throughout this composition, offering a rich tapestry of sound that's both familiar and uniquely ANDRE RiiZiNG's own. We think the track's vaporwave essence is captured through its choppy feel and thicker drums, creating a feeling that's both nostalgic and forward-thinking for sure. The experimental nature of "071123" invites listeners into a world where traditional boundaries of music are blurred, creating a soundscape that's as intriguing as it is immersive. Listen now and immerse yourself in this epic, dark, and experimental sonic adventure!


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